Lucy, go see. featured in June Audiobook Month!

From World Radio Paris commentator Patricia Killeen : ‘Lucy, go see.’ – one of the best reads ever! And now the audio version, by the award winning author herself, is captivating – Maili is also an actress, which adds so much to the audio – Love how she interprets the voice of Bill, the sleazy agent in this excerpt- highlighting with humour, how Lucy’s scintillating path is also peppered with darker moments- the path of a woman who had the courage to ‘go see’ and Maili’s wonderful voice telling her riveting tale….

Lucy Pilgrim is as her name evokes: light and travel. A rebellious and whimsical young woman leaves her rural Iowa home to embark on an international modeling career. Her adventures take her from New York to Tokyo, Barcelona, Hong Kong, and finally Paris before bringing her back to her roots and cumbersome family secrets.

Lucy, go see. is the story of an initiatory quest, a journey that leads Lucy towards freedom, but also the acceptance of her past and her own desires. 

Illustrations by Maili are interspersed throughout the novel (color/hardcover, black and white/paperback).

Winner of 2019 Eric Hoffer DaVinci Eye

Finalist, Women’s Issues, American Book Fest’s 2018 Best Books. 

Finalist, Inspirational Fiction, 2019 Next Generation Indie Book Awards

In June 2021, Lucy, go see. is a selection in June Audiobook Month:

For this month only, the audiobook is available at 50% off in Nook Audiobooks “June Audiobook Deals”:

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