Lucy, go see. featured in June Audiobook Month!

From World Radio Paris commentator Patricia Killeen : ‘Lucy, go see.’ – one of the best reads ever! And now the audio version, by the award winning author herself, is captivating – Maili is also an actress, which adds so much to the audio – Love how she interprets the voice of Bill, the sleazy agent in this excerpt- highlighting with humour, how Lucy’s scintillating path is also peppered with darker moments- the path of a woman who had the courage to ‘go see’ and Maili’s wonderful voice telling her riveting tale….

In June 2021, Lucy, go see. is a selection in June Audiobook Month:

For this month only, the audiobook is available at 50% off in Nook Audiobooks “June Audiobook Deals”:

and with the same discount at Google:

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