Reader’s Reflections on Lucy, go see.

Joie de vivre in action!

This book refreshed my sense of what’s possible in the world and what can happen when you listen to your inner sparks.  The author writes a candid tale of a young woman with an unapologetic appetite for Life and Love. Lucy is a free spirit who whimsically but intentionally follows the flow of opportunities she provokes.  Her curiosity is a creative force that drives her to imbibe the beauty of the world, where she continually collides into the fine line between living a life guided by inspiration and not living it fully to appease-please others. Her zest comes naturally and she struggles to understand why others seem to struggle with it  The story explores how desire can be threatening to those who are afraid to allow their own dreams.  It shows what it takes to unfold in a world intensely afraid of a woman’s desire for Life and Love: courage and a sense of humor.–Karen Seeberg

This, indeed, “intriguing tale”, of exploration, told by a beautiful young head-strong woman who leaves her family in Iowa to travel the world as an international model, reveals that world and the world to us with poetry, poignancy, the requisite naivete, and most of all, with humor. How funny the beautiful Lucy can be. This is no small part of the novel’s attraction and indeed wisdom. The glimpses of Japan, Paris, Barcelona, and Iowa seen through Lucy’s eyes and musings will stick with those readers attuned to Lucy’s humor.–Dr. Réal Fillion

Speaking about profound and intimate topics with both humor and seriousness is not easy–Marianne Maili clearly manages to do so and make the book very enjoyable. –Isabelle David

This book offers a unique perspective on the modeling industry, which added interest. But even more fascinating was the protagonist’s inner monologue about boundaries in her life, and the lack of them. She was constantly evaluating whether boundaries existed and whether they were in the right place. The writing in this novel gave me the impression of a very experienced, well-edited, talented writer. I loved this book and its illustrations. I would like to see more from this author.–anonymous contest judge

The writing in Lucy, go see. is great, with good clear sensory details and character development. The illustrations are a really nice touch.–anonymous contest judge

Fiction is meant to transport readers, and Lucy, go see. does that with splendor. The novel captures the trepidation and excitement travelers often feel of leaving for new places and having experiences that many readers can relate to and/or want to know about. The novel illuminates how travel and language affect us, and how home can seem new again and welcome (even if not the most pleasant). This is a woman’s experience with the terrific beauty that is love, regret, disappointment, excitement, and knowledge as one ever-changing force. Lucy Pilgrim analyzes these experiences while sharing the growing pains that come from them. Is there a lesson she wants to tell us? Of course there is–to live and love, and let it change us.–Angela Jones

Lucy’s world expands before our eyes. There are so many interesting things being explored in these pages–identity, integrity, feminism, family, freedom, cultural norms, love. Indeed, it will break your heart and put it back together again with tenderness and humour. The use of vivid imagery and expert storytelling made me feel like I was right there, that I know Lucy, and that we would be friends. Just by knowing her, I feel more brave and light. I feel passionate and feminine. And a little more wise, too.–Rachelle Lynne

I loved this book. I got mad at Lucy on occasion but then had to blame it on her youth. I then envied Lucy the courage to go out and discover who she was, what she loved, where she wanted to go, despite having no real support from her family. Lucy dreams of seeing the world, on her terms. She wants a job that will permit her to do it and be fun at the same time. She figures modelling wil be her ticket to do so. Her family, especially her mother, cannot understand why. They figure life in Iowa is what she is supposed to do. She doesn’t. She learns the power of her sexuality and uses it as she sees fit, learning to trust her instincts as she stumbles (at times) forth. At times I could picture myself at certain moments of my own life. I don’t know how I would have reacted to some of her situations, and I’m glad I never found out. It was a refreshingly different read and I feel I shall want to return to it, read it again when I can.–Dale Rogerson

Every woman in some way has to deal with the workplace and social structures biased against her independence and success. In this story, the protagonist is also very young in a profession in which she is commodified and also is struggling with the effects of abuse and having covered it up. It is an epic journey, both geographically and emotionally, [and is] thought-provoking and resonant.–Tekla, Goodreads

This novel holds a special place in my heart, as I was able to relate to Lucy in so many ways. Lucy, like many modern women, is honest and curious about the world and society’s tradional “rules” on marriage, relationships, careers, etc. “The mere notion of being a traditional wife petrified her so much she feared making a meal for her husband might render her subservient.” I haven’t read any other novels that capture this mindset, and I was so excited to finally read something that was so relatable and honest. From the moment Lucy walked into her first agent meeting, to her first modeling gig abroad, to the relationships and struggles she comes across in between, Lucy was the friend I needed these past few months inside my millennial brain.–Kelsey N Carlisle

I found this book interesting, intriguing and authentic. It definitely was a page turner for me. I find this novel inspiring for women who want to follow their dreams and have the courage to do so. She lives between two very different worlds and is on her own to figure it out. The authenticity of the journey are real and make this book a must read in my opinion.–Jane McCann Koerbel

I felt like I could relate to the main character so much, and the author wasn’t afraid to “go there” and say the things aloud that we as women never dare say. I appreciated that genuine touch. Lucy, the main character, was complex, made mistakes, experienced wins. I was really rooting for her. And I won’t lie, some of the men Lucy had the chance to meet I wish I could meet in person– loved the sexy moments. Left me very inspired but the story was realistic, not a total fantasy. Amazing!–Rachel Meeks

Lucy Pilgrim is so courageous! I never would have been confident enough to travel alone at such a young age, and to chase after a such challenging dream. It was an interesting view into the world of modeling, especially in foreign lands. I enjoyed following her growth in her self knowledge and her strength.–Laure McDonough, Goodreads

A candid and honest journey to places and characters that are intriguing, especially when you compare the world in which she came from. Traveling throughout Europe and Asia with such a curious and open mind. And then going full circle of finding the space to create boundaries.–Deborah Larsson

The novel apart from being immensely enjoyable, treats more than one taboo subject with deep insight. When we think of international models we can’t help bringing to mind the usual clichés. However, in Lucy, go see., we are confronted with a funny, philosophical, curious, beautiful woman who explodes most of those preconceived ideas. Lucy, go see. is one of the most enjoyable and inspirational books, for anyone, but particularly for women, who may want to also find the courage to go see for themselves. See More of this ReviewPatricia Killeen

This is a coming-of-age story that really captures one’s attention. It speaks of the resiliency of a woman’s spirit, the evolution of the self, and the questioning of ones values amid the global terrain. A story of love, loss and hope renewed.–Kim Kali-Schultes, LISW, CCDP-D

A view to an emotionally raw, brave, intriguing perspective.–anonymous Amazon reader

A young woman’s growing self-awareness leads to adventures in geographic and emotional landscapes. Lucy takes us to places both familiar and new. I was delighted to travel with her!–anonymous Amazon reader

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