Where am I now?

Writing while listening to Erla Karlsdottir and her community choir rehearsing in Reykjavik.

A new season is upon us. During spring, my favorite season, traveling and writing made me feel so happy and once again so deeply at home in the world. Iceland, France, and Spain. Writing everywhere.

I finished the first draft of the second novel in May. I enjoyed reading at The Third Coast Café, and being interviewed by Isabelle David at the Alliance Française in Chicago. Then, with summer, another reading at Carnegie Stout Public Library in Dubuque. Soon after came the idea and opportunity to move again. This time to Iowa City for an academic year. Now fall is gifting me with an international community of writers.

Just want to say hello. Thank you for reading.

The candle I lit for Mom at St. Joes in Key West before the first reading at River Lights was still burning when I returned from Europe.

A lot more has been going on. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by both how much there is to tell, read, do, know, and how much time any of us has. As the end of my life is closer, I am really trying to slow down. My appetite, however, is another story. What a balancing act. Dancing helps. So does yoga. Tenderness and laughter, utmost.


with IWP writers: Ausra Kaziliunaite of Lithuania , Kateryna Babkina of Ukraine, Rumena Buzarovska of Macedonia, Jacqueline Goldberg of Venezuela, Alisa Ganieva of Russia. Read them all; they are brilliant and fascinating.

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