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Come join us, Wednesday, May 23rd at 6pm, as we celebrate Marianne’s first novel, Lucy, go see.  Your copy will be available for purchase; and Marianne will be pleased to sign it for you!

As Fritz Chaleff states in his masterly review of the Coast (see it on our homepage); the 3rd Coast Café is blessed with some of the greatest thinkers and socialites throughout the entire city. One such Coast regular is Marianne Maili.  Model, writer, teacher, actor, artist and all-around intellectual bad ass…

“She knew she was different, that she was born with desires no one around her seemed to have, and because she was just one sapling in a massive forest of relatives, rooted and thriving where they were, it seemed the problem surely lay with her—and she became nervous as what she knew did not fit with what she saw—was she in the wrong place?”

— Lucy, go see.

Marianne Maili was born and raised in Key West, Iowa. She obtained a BA in English Literature from the University of Iowa, then on to her own personal bildungsroman of travel, work and life around the world. While abroad, Marianne acquired a Certificate de Lange Française from the University of Paris-Sorbonne, an MA in Literature and Cultural Studies, along with a PhD in ‘The Construction and Representation of Cultural Identities’; both from the University of Barcelona.

An American and French citizen, she speaks fluent English, French and Spanish, and can translate from Catalan.

 3rd Coast Café - by Marianne Maili

3rd Coast Café – by Marianne Maili

Lucy, go see.

Written in the German literary genre of a Bildungsroman — a novel based on a quest; usually focusing on the formative years, more specifically the psychological and moral growth of the protagonist from youth to maturity… Also known as a “coming-of-age” novel.

Lucy, go see is more of a coming-to-voice novel.

She was raised in the country; bookish and thoughtful, so different from everyone else in her family… Come join Lucy as she ventures forth from the safety of her home; her quest to find her way in a man’s world…