fullsizeoutput_6c8bThis young woman at a street fair in New York City was one inspiration for the character of Lucy Pilgrim. It’s exciting today to realize I am over one-third into this edition of Lucy, Go See. Lucy and I are both getting really excited to meet you. Do you ever draw? Today I was thinking about how drawing is a kind of writing and writing is a kind of drawing and both are ways of seeing and telling. Ways of storytelling, that, at its best, is one of the most life-giving things we humans do for each other. When I draw I see more deeply into things and people. I notice more about them. I like to follow their contours with a pen or pencil without looking at the paper while I do it. I imagine that I am touching what I am looking at. This results in a unique vision, different than reality, yet where a certain vivid emotional truth or mood shines through. Same for writing. Both are exercises in patience, concentration, and observation. It was the great playwright and person, Lisa Schlesinger, who suggested I draw Lucy’s story before I wrote it. A map was the result. I wish I had a picture of it. It was a fascinating map through amazing terrain, on and off the page, leading to you, the reader.

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