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The first three photos are from a walk this morning. The last two photos are commentary from one of five professors who sat on the examining board of my dissertation of which my first novel, Lucy, Go See, was a part. That novel and the critical exegesis (A Quest for Fulfillment, Lucy Pilgrim’s Map) were the two components of my dissertation published by the University of Barcelona. I am finishing one last edit before I introduce you to Lucy Pilgrim. It won’t be long. I also plan to create an audio book. Lucy has been so patient with me. People who have glimpsed her have asked “Is Lucy you? Is this a true story? Is it yours?”  I am not Lucy––she is a young woman I was very close to and have come to cherish and value deeply. I have used some of my life to tell this story, and there is great truth in it. I like to think you’ll feel where. It’s in the most important places. Soon you’ll be able to ponder that for yourself. Put her story in the center of the table and create conversation around her. She loves that.

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